Best Resources for New Affiliate Marketers

Best Resources for New Affiliate Marketers

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Our main educational priority at Apogee has been to show affiliates how to promote our specific clients and their products. This year, we are focusing more on activation and general education. We still aren’t going to give specific step-by-step instructions on how to build a website (your needs will vary) but we aim to help affiliates understand best practices and tools in the ShareASale network. All of the new training materials will be on the Apogee YouTube channel and shared with affiliates through our social media efforts.

Resources Around the Web

We have a handful of high-quality, reliable suggestions to begin, or further, your affiliate education.

Top of the list is Extra Money Answer by Shawn Collins. The reviews have been terrific since it was published in 2013 and the content is still relevant for absolute beginners. You will never ever hear me recommend spending any money on affiliate education, except $1.99 for the Kindle version of this book. If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you can skip it. But this is where I want my new affiliates to start.

The Extra Money Answer page is on Shawn’s blog, Affiliate Marketing Blog (more commonly called AffiliateTip for its URL), which has been around since the invention of the internets. Shawn is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit and posts relevant content daily for the industry.

Missy Ward, the other co-founder of Affiliate Summit also has a valuable blog with some great resources. Check out this page where she highlights free resources for affiliates, including FeedFront Magazine.

The next resource comes from Tricia Meyer. She hustles every day with her own sites as an affiliate and as Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. Her personal site is an excellent resource for new affiliates to follow. After you follow her, consider joining the PMA and following them for industry news and insights from thought leaders.

A newer resource comes from our own Christen Evans. Her personal site, Bourbon & Sparkle helps bloggers understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Christen was a blogger before she joined the management side, so she understands where they are coming from.

If you are approved in any of the Apogee affiliate programs, a great resource is our private Facebook group. Just read your newsletters and look for the link to join, then tell us which programs you are promoting.

Best Resources for New Affiliate Marketers

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Best Resources for New Affiliate Marketers

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