Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

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Welcome to Part Two of our <mumble>-Part series: Greg Hoffman Consulting Presents a Merchant with a Datafeed Presented by Greg Hoffman Consulting. Give me time, I’ll think of a better title.

Today, we’re looking at Sears PartsDirect – the merchant with the largest datafeed of any merchant I think GHC has ever managed. Over 97,000 products, you guys. Ninety-seven… thousand… products. That’s so, so many products. Sears PartsDirect has a massive feed, and it uses the following fields on ShareASale:

ProductID | Name | MerchantID | Merchant | Link | Thumbnail[1] | BigImage | Price | Category | SubCategory | Description | LastUpdated | partnumber | shortDescription[2] | SKU | AddToCartURL | mobileURL

Is there a ShareASale datafeed field that Sears PartsDirect isn’t using that you’d like them to? Sound off in the comments and we’ll do our best to make that happen!

Sears PartsDirect Featured Items

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

Name: Refrigerator Water Filter HAFCU1
Price: $49.98
Water filters are a HUGE seller for Sears PartsDirect. They can be huge for you, too.

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

Name: Range Knob Kit
Price: $113.92
SKU: 654043
Range knobs for a range of ranges. GET IT? Sears PartsDirect has all the parts.

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

Name: Gas Grill Side Shelf Extender
Price: $69.52
SKU: G524-0025-W1
You run an outdoor grilling site. Maybe you’d like to incorporate a datafeed-driven section about grill repair? Sears PartsDirect has a ton of grill parts like this.

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

Name: Spark Plug Hex
Price: $7.88
SKU: 490-250-0009
For you gear heads with your car or truck sites, Sears PartsDirect carries thousands upon thousands of automotive parts.

Not yet signed up for the Sears PartsDirect affiliate program? Join up! Your country needs you! Together we can do this. Loose lips sink ships. Be all that you can be!

Something to remember about all ShareASale datafeeds: they are pipe-delimited, not comma-delimited. The pipe character, sometimes called a vertical bar or vertical line is located above the Enter key on most keyboards. Aside from the change in delimiter, the file you download works exactly the same as any other delimited file.

Interested in a primer on ShareASale datafeed usage? Would you like a “Datafeeds 101″ post to get you started? Let us know in the comments and if folks are interested we – and by we I mean I, Daniel the Tech Monkey – will draft it up for you.

Next time: The California Wine Club. A datafeed that utilizes the Custom fields to allow for SKU-level bonuses to affiliates!

  1. At present, the Thumbnail is the same as the BigImage – and it’s big. For the time being, using style=“width: xxx” in your image code to reduce the dimensions will have to suffice. We’re working to improve that!  ↩
  2. Also at present, shortDescription is a truncated (255 characters) version of Description. With almost one hundred thousand products, hand-tailoring each one is daunting at best, unfeasible at worst. Again, we’re working to improve that!  ↩
Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed
This article predates the transition to Apogee and may contain outdated references or links. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

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Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

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Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

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