Apogee Live: Finding The Right Merchants

Apogee Live: Finding The Right Merchants

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Our last three blog posts have been about our ongoing series of video conference calls with affiliates and merchants. Here’s another one. On June 7th, we are hosting our first open, public conference call. Our theme is Finding the Right Merchants. We are going to be talking with affiliates and interested bloggers about window shopping for new programs to promote.

To this point, we have only invited people that belong to our private Facebook group, Apogee Affiliates. I think this is a good topic to open up to others. We posted the call information on the Apogee Facebook business page. We have space for up to fifty participants.

Time: Jun 7, 2017 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/614419339

Finding the Right Merchants

I’ll have a list of best practices to review and the conversation will be open for questions and answers at anytime. I might share my screen with the others or just have them follow along using their affiliate account with the ShareASale network (still planning this part out). Everything we will talk about or review will be available through the network interface. I call it window shopping because there are key metrics you can see before joining and some general assumptions that are usually pretty accurate.

This isn’t a new concept. I launched a podcast seven years ago called Affiliate Juice. The premise was a question to merchants: “Does your affiliate program have the juice?” My co-hosts and I were able to spot some great new programs and properly called out some stinkers. Our conference call on June 7th is not aimed at merchants, but rather at affiliates who are looking for programs to join. There’s a lot of crossover, though, in the concepts and best practices. I think everyone can learn a lot.

To watch previously recorded conference calls, featuring guests from our client companies, talks about datafeeds, and conversations about attribution, visit the Apogee YouTube channel.

[This post was updated to reflect a change in dates. We regret the necessary scheduling change.]


Apogee Live: Finding The Right Merchants

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Apogee Live: Finding The Right Merchants

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