Apogee Live: Q4 Affiliate Program Review

Apogee Live: Q4 Affiliate Program Review

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As affiliates finalize their Q4 and holiday shopping plans, we highlighted our best converting holiday merchants on this week’s Apogee Live. We didn’t waste any time and jumped right into the screen sharing of our clients’ websites, talking about their bestsellers.

We started off with the brand that has reached the highest rank in the ShareASale Top 100 PowerRank. The California Wine Club traditionally rockets into the top 25 by the end of the year. They stayed in the top 100 until summertime this year but have hovered around the 120 position since then. I’m hoping for a top 10 finish in December.

The faithful affiliate attendees had good questions and listened while we talked about the rest of the programs:

The California Wine Club
Snake River Farms
Collin Street Bakery
Himalayan Salt Shop
Serenity Health
Taste Trunk
Kettle Pizza
Flirty Aprons
1st in Coffee
Music Box Attic
Grill Masters Club

Thanks for watching. Like what you see? We have more Apogee Live on our YouTube channel. And if you’d like to join in, head over to our Facebook group for affiliates where we announce the next discussion!

Apogee Live: Q4 Affiliate Program Review

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Apogee Live: Q4 Affiliate Program Review

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