Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

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This morning, January 10th, 2016, marks the end of an era. ShareASale, the third-largest affiliate marketing network in the United States, has been acquired by global network Affiliate Window. We at Apogee would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to ShareASale for fifteen years of exemplary network management and industry leadership.

Operations at ShareASale will remain largely the same, with Brian Littleton, Founder & CEO, remaining in place. From the outside-in, very little will appear to change. Behind the scenes, we will see improved tracking and technical capabilities as the teams begin to share ideas and technologies. We will see improved capability for U.S.-based affiliates to extend their reach into the U.K. and Europe. Affiliate Window has extraordinary market share in those regions.

Brian Littleton: “Affiliate Window mirrors our commitment to value-driven customer solutions, strong ethics, industry compliance and unparalleled company culture. The acquisition promises to provide both a premier mix of innovative technology as well as a committed and congruent team to service our combined global base of customers. On a personal note, the strong commitment to ethics and company culture were critical in choosing this partner to go forward with and provide the opportunity and growth to our long-time customers, and loyal employees

ShareASale and Apogee

ShareASale has been the network of choice for Apogee since our inception as Greg Hoffman Consulting nearly eight years ago. We’ve managed programs on other networks here and there over the years. Our first priority with a new client has always been to bring their program to ShareASale. It is with bittersweet optimism that we look forward to a long and positive relationship with the newly merged company.

Apogee President & CEO Greg Hoffman, ever the dry wit, summarized the merger with me on a phone call a little while ago. “It could be worse.”

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Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

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Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

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Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

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  1. Affiliate Window Acquires ShareASale

    Share-A-Sale is one of my most lucrative networks and I like how affordable it is to small businesses looking to start an affiliate program. I hope Affiliate Window is a fan of “If it ain’t broke…”


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