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As a leader among incorporation businesses, Inc Authority has formed over 110,000 LLCs and Corporations throughout the United States since 1989. Inc Authority is in the business of providing affordable business entity formations, including the drafting and filing of corporations and limited liability companies. They offer free processing with our formation services. With over 1,600 5-Star reviews with Trustpilot, you can trust that any business formed will receive a 5-star experience.

Affiliates Like the Inc Authority Affiliate Program

A brand new program at the time of this writing, Inc Authority is one to watch! The company's services are useful all year round, and savvy affiliates will do well to make it a regular part of their promotions. Check out that $65 payout on 180 days! Who can turn down $65 a pop for six months?!

Like all programs managed by Apogee, Inc Authority is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules


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Since September 2019

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Apogee insists on affiliate compliance with FTC regulations when participating in the Inc Authority affiliate program. Our FTC compliance resource page explains our rules in detail.