LinkFool Affiliate Program
LinkFool is laser-focused on making quality link-builidng for SEO easy and painless. The company targets referral traffic with optimized keywords and has people, not algorithms, to determine the best prospects. Users have access to regular reports and the MyLinkFool dashboard to monitor the traffic growth and search engine rankings.

Affiliates Like the LinkFool Affiliate Program

The selling point with LinkFool is longevity. The company has been in business for a decade and is an expert in SEO and backlinks. Affiliates should note the 365-day tracking period and the 20% commission—twenty percent for a full year is a great deal! The average order is $79, so there's great opportunity here for relevant affiliates.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, LinkFool is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules


Proudly Managed

Since March 2020

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Apogee insists on affiliate compliance with FTC regulations when participating in the LinkFool affiliate program. Our FTC compliance resource page explains our rules in detail.