Neato Robotics Affiliate Program

Neato Robotics makes house cleaning easy with automatic, cordless robot vacuums. The bestselling Neato D7 has a battery life up to 120 minutes, uses LaserSmart technology and can plan out multiple floor plans. Neato Robotics is based in Newark, CA and sells worldwide.

The difference with Neato is the firsts and technology innovations. These include laser navigation, d-shaped vacuum, wi-fi connected and app enabled, smart watch support, integration with Amazon Alexa and Echo and Facebook chat support.

Affiliates Like the Neato Robotics Affiliate Program

Newly launched at the time of this wrting, the Neato Robotics affiliate program on ShareASale focuses on content creators and relevant partners. The high average order and generous commissions helps affiliates understand the potential for this household brand.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, Neato Robotics is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules


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Apogee insists on affiliate compliance with FTC regulations when participating in the Neato Robotics affiliate program. Our FTC compliance resource page explains our rules in detail.