Nebula Genomics Affiliate Program
Nebula is the future of private and secure DNA testing. With next-generation sequencing and privacy-preserving technology, Nebula is able to provide more than the typical DNA testing service all while allowing the user to maintain complete ownership of their data. With Nebula's subscription service, users get weekly personalized updates direct from new genomic research and insights around how that research may relate to their unique genome. Reports include genetic traits, oral microbiome and ancestry as well as weekly updates based on the latest research that include polygenic scores.

Affiliates Like the Nebula Genomics Affiliate Program

A new launch at the time of this writing, Nebula Genomics is poised to break out. With a strong 12% commission and a hot market, what sets this company apart is security and ownership of one's data. Savvy affiliates will do very well with Nebula Genomics!

Like all programs managed by Apogee, Nebula Genomics is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules


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Apogee insists on affiliate compliance with FTC regulations when participating in the Nebula Genomics affiliate program. Our FTC compliance resource page explains our rules in detail.