1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts

1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts

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Greg Hoffman Consulting has been called in to rescue a great brand’s affiliate program. Our task is to find content affiliates for 1st in Coffee. The program was launched on the eBay Enterprise network and was 100% loaded with toolbars, loyalty and coupon sites. In reviewing the affiliates that were declined by the network management team, we found a treasure chest of bloggers and wonderfully relevant affiliates to invite and motivate. The owner has given us full authority to clean up the program and make it more profitable by working with quality content affiliates that bring in new customers.

1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts

Ascaso Dream Up V2 Espresso Machine

1st in Coffee sells trusted coffee machines of nearly every brand and type. Customers can shop for coffee (ground and whole bean), espresso machines, coffee makers, grinders, and accessories. A refurbished machine category offers huge savings.

Terms of the program will be changing in the month of August. Content affiliates will earn 7% while coupon affiliates will earn less. Sign up for the program here or wait until our launch on the ShareASale network, coming soon. Terms will be the same in the ShareASale program but affiliates will have better tools to work within their promotions.

Will we see you at Affiliate Summit East 2015 next week? We’d love to hear about your affiliate efforts and brainstorm ideas about how to fit 1st in Coffee into your plans. With Q4 and holiday shopping right around the corner, now is the time to start pushing gourmet coffee, machines, and accessories.

1st in Coffee joins the roster of gourmet and specialty merchants managed by Greg Hoffman Consulting. For more information about Lobster Anywhere (surf), Snake River Farms (turf) and The California Wine Club (and vino!), visit our Managed Programs page.

1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts
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1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts

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1st in Coffee Chooses Affiliate Program Management Experts

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