Anne Parris Promoted to Senior Affiliate Manager

Anne Parris Promoted to Senior Affiliate Manager

11 · 02 · 20

Two years ago, the hiring announcement read, “We hired Anne Parris!” and the affiliate industry roared in excitement. Today, we congratulate her on her promotion to Senior Affiliate Manager.

As part of our senior leadership team this year, Anne has helped Apogee clients, and most importantly our affiliates, increase revenue. She is passionate about teaching bloggers and influencers the benefits of thinking like an affiliate.

Anne and Lynsey Kmetz have gone live in our private Facebook group for affiliates and taught best practices for specific promotions. You’ll find five archived conversations on our YouTube channel ranging from topics like getting ready for Q4 and top tips for bloggers. Expect to see much more content from these two next year.

Anne is currently responsible for corporate partnerships with coupon, cashback and major media publications.

Everyone loves Anne. If you are reading this, you’ll agree. I first met Anne at an Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. She’ll remember the year. But I remember the time. It was 2 a.m. Our group decided we needed food. Therefore, we found Tequila Taqueria at Bally’s and ate 2 a.m. tacos. They were the best. The entire Apogee team is very happy to be on this journey with Anne, please congratulate her on a job well done this year.

Anne Parris Promoted to Senior Affiliate Manager

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Anne Parris Promoted to Senior Affiliate Manager

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