Meet Our Affiliate Managers

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The Apogee Affiliate Managers

The Apogee affiliate managers are electrifying when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with top of the funnel and long-tail content publishers. Our clients are loving the growth from the affiliate channel and personal attention they receive from the Apogee team.  

Apogee managers enthusiastically recruit, educate and activate new partners in each program. The commitment to partner training spans all levels of online marketing experience that the affiliate may have. The first contact is often with newbies that are fans of the brand but not necessarily experienced enough to navigate network interfaces or fully understand best practices. 

Christen Evans

Christen Evans joined Apogee in 2017 as an influencer manager after spending seven years as a wedding blogger. As an affiliate manager, she now controls our full line of food, drink and gourmet clients. She regularly attends and speaks at conferences like Affiliate Summit and niche-specific shows like Everything Food Conference and the International Food Bloggers Conference. By building personal relationships, Christen has recruited some of the top content partners into our programs. Christen’s primary programs are Snake River Farms, The California Wine Club and 1st in Coffee, along with the rest of the Apogee food & drink roster.  

Her dedication to hard work and customer service is an inspiration to others on the team and in the industry. Coming from the blogging world, Christen understands the pain points and potential in that arena. This perspective helped her win the Advocate of the Year Award from Affiliate Summit in 2017.  

Christen’s ideal clients are in the following categories: food & drink, gourmet, weddings, kids and travel.  

Anne Parris

Anne Parris joined Apogee in 2018, immediately after the Type-A bloggers conference in Chicago. Christen and I knew the agency needed support and we brought Anne in to help with recruiting and social media. She started in the affiliate industry in 2012 and quickly developed a strong reputation for networking and delivering best practices to other bloggers. Anne considered the move to affiliate management the next step in her evolution.  

She is now a fully trained affiliate manager and is responsible for the Vanna Belt and TruDog affiliate programs. She will continue earning her stripes by assisting some of our legacy clients and their consistent growth year over year. Anne recruits for every Apogee client, not just those she manages, and she handles the agency social media. Anne has been a regular speaker at Affiliate Summit and loves to share knowledge with others.  

Anne’s ideal clients are pets, travel, clothing and accessories. 

Liz Gazer

Liz Gazer, formerly of Growthspurt Media, was a friendly competitor to this agency in the early days. She managed some great programs over the years and has helped many brands increase sales through affiliate and all digital channels. Liz joined Apogee in early 2019, and her mentorship has helped guide all of us; especially me as I transition out of day-to-day client management.

Liz officially took over management of the balance of the Apogee roster over the summer and has firmly cemented her place as a valuable team member. Liz has been working with Sears PartsDirect, SA Co., and new client Takl. Her laser-focused reports and communications are leading the way for the Apogee team and raising expectations for all affiliate managers.  

Liz’s ideal clients are those serving fashion and beauty, travel and tourism and home and garden target markets.  She also has expertise with digital products and services, including app-driven brands.

The Future of Apogee

After 15 years as an affiliate manager myself, I feel comfortable handing the reigns of all Apogee’s legacy and future clients to Christen, Anne and Liz. These three rockstars are the pillars of a growing agency. Apogee CTO Daniel M. Clark and business manager Jen Hoffman join me in supporting our managers with all the resources and best practices in our toolbox. My job is now strategy, sales and marketing for Apogee. 

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