Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

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We are looking for partners to earn commissions on sales through two of our extremely successful automotive parts affiliate programs, Eckler’s Automotive and Second Skin Audio. Both programs are exclusive to the ShareASale network and are easy to join, at no cost. Our ideal demographics are DIY gearheads and audiophiles. Keep reading if your hobby or profession is restoring, refurbishing, or rebuilding cars.

Eckler’s Automotive

Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

The Eckler’s Automotive program allows you to earn commissions from three of its domains: Eckler’s Corvette, MAC’s Auto Parts and Rick’s Camaros. Apogee launched the Eckler’s affiliate program on ShareASale in September 2015, and we have nearly 500 strategic partners sending tens of thousands of clicks per month. The program converted at 9% in May with an average order of $207. VIP content partners earn an average of $14.50 per transaction.

Say you’re restoring your 1968 Ford Mustang. MAC’s Auto Parts has what you need. I want you to buy the parts and document your installation journey. Take pictures and write some notes. Then join the affiliate program and use affiliate links to tell your friends where to buy those parts. You earn a commission on the sale when they buy after clicking your link. Affiliates can link to Eckler’s from a website, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. We can teach you the basics of how to be an affiliate.

Second Skin Audio

I asked Sturgeon Christie from Second Skin Audio to continue the hypothetical ’68 Mustang restore. Affiliates in his program are seeing average orders at $315 and are earning up to $31 per transaction.

Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

“Thank you for considering Second Skin! We’d love to help you make sure your ’68 Mustang is the quietest, most comfortable car you’ve ever driven. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years. Building a full line of the best noise and heat insulation materials money can buy so that any build can FEEL like a luxury car when you’re done.

If you’ve ever dealt with a noise or heat issue in a car, you know it can ruin the joy you feel while driving. Whether it’s engine heat in your footwells or highway road noise so loud you have to yell at whoever’s in the passenger seat, having an uncomfortable car is a lot like being sick. You don’t notice how lucky you are to be healthy, until something happens… and now it’s all that’s on your mind.

Second Skin fixes those problems so you can enjoy your ride. We have a full line of high-quality, American-made materials that are trusted by some of the best in the business (like West Coast Customs and Graveyard Carz). We’ve earned that trust by making products like our industry-leading sound deadening mat, Damplifier Pro. Damplifier Pro stops metal vibrations 3-10x better than cheap asphalt mats, is heat rated to 450°F, and won’t out-gas chemicals, melt, or fall off. The result is a healthier, better performing product that will blow you away.

Getting the sound deadening right in the car is one of the hidden secrets to some of the best cars you’ll ever see on the road. We look forward to helping you with yours.”

Now it’s time for you to join these two affiliate programs and start creating some content for your car enthusiast friends. The Apogee team is here to help you navigate the ShareASale network and understand how affiliate marketing works. You can do this and make a little money on the side talking about your passions for cars.

Join Eckler’s AutomotiveJoin Second Skin Audio

Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

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Automotive Parts Affiliate Programs

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