Jen Hoffman Named President of Apogee

Jen Hoffman Named President of Apogee

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Jen Hoffman, co-owner of Apogee, has been named President of the Roswell, Ga. company. Eleven years ago, when the agency was founded as Greg Hoffman Consulting, Jen served as the Business Manager and has filled that role since. As Business Manager, she handled taxes, payroll and invoices. As President of Apogee, she will oversee all operations for the growing agency.

Greg Hoffman, CEO of Apogee, still serves as a strategic advisor to the affiliate management team but dedicates his time to business development and marketing.

“Jen knows the team, the clients and the strategy we implement for each affiliate program,” Greg said. “She’s taking on the responsibility of client success and helping the team in a leadership role with new ideas for 2020 and beyond.”

Apogee has ramped up education and activation for the agency’s affiliate partners over the last two years, and that will continue. It is essential to the success of Apogee’s clients that affiliates understand and implement best practices with their promotions. Jen will work with the team to optimize and enhance those educational opportunities and platforms, including trigger campaigns, our private Facebook group and our public YouTube channel.

Jen will also be working with Apogee employees on personal development and growth. She encourages each one to speak at industry events and supports their travel to meet with new and existing affiliate partners. The Apogee family has been carefully assembled over the last few years, and the company culture is critical to the success of our clients’ affiliate programs.

Jennifer has a BA/MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her passions include playing in the dirt (gardening), drawing, and breakfasts without children.

Jen Hoffman Named President of Apogee

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Jen Hoffman Named President of Apogee

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