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HelloTech Affiliate Program | Managed by Apogee

Apogee is pleased to announce another new program launch on Impact. We are now managing partners in the HelloTech program.

We have hundreds of lifestyle bloggers and content creators in the home decor niche. HelloTech is perfect for those partners already part of the Apogee family. We look forward to getting them active in this program and promoting HelloTech experts to help with technology solutions.

Connected devices are now an essential part of our lives. While customers may know what they need, they may not know how to set up and get going after a purchase. It makes sense to offer these service options when referencing electronic and smart home devices.

HelloTech is a nationwide, highly-rated tech support and installation company offering same-day service. HelloTech covers computer support, TV mountings, smart home installations, and more. Their services are trusted by some of the biggest names in consumer electronics and connectivity, such as Samsung, Comcast, Walmart, and SimpliSafe. 

HelloTech Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – We have received inquiries from customers about HelloTech’s operating status and policies during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. The short answer is that we are operational but adapting to the challenges. Our 2,500 independent techs, as well as our headquarters staff, are working hard to deliver in-home tech services and remote support. We will continue to offer our services wherever we can, subject to local regulations and provided we are confident that we can do so safely and effectively.

Join HelloTech

  • $.01 payout per scheduled appointment
  • 10% commission based on completed appointments  (VIP available)
  • 30-day tracking 
  • Frequent promotions
  • Dedicated account management
  • Join HelloTech on Impact
HelloTech Affiliate Program | Managed by Apogee

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