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Neato Robotics Affiliate Program | Managed by Apogee

The Apogee home decor affiliate community is going to love this new client announcement. Neato Robotics has a fresh new program on ShareASale and our team is on the lookout for relevant partners and content creators. Join Neato Robotics!

The average order for the best selling Neato D7 is $829.99 and we are paying a default commission of 4% with a 90-day tracking period. Affiliates will be earning an average of $33 per order. We will have VIP commissions based on the method of promotions.

Neato is dedicated to advancing the adoption of consumer robotics in the household. They focus on delivering best-in-class engineering and smart consumer experiences. The D-shape design combined with the LaserSmart technology gives a more complete clean, and as the brand grows, Neato is committed to providing great value to partners and affiliates.

Join Neato Robotics

  • 4% Commission (VIP Available)
  • 90 Day Tracking
  • $829 Average Order
  • Frequent Promotions
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • Join Neato Robotics on ShareASale

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  1. My group, primarily women, are already in love with Amazon Alexa and the fact that this works with Alexa and the Smart Watch and Smart Phone will truly thrill them. I look forward to working with you through ShareASale and Apogee.

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