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Join Previnex | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

The Previnex team launched its affiliate program in May 2017 but decided last month it was time for professional affiliate program management. Apogee took over the program and immediately implemented our proprietary attribution rules to increase conversions for content-based partners.  

None of the October sales came from top-of-the-funnel partners such as bloggers, influencers or review sites. All active affiliates were coupon or cashback sites and they were earning premium commissions for end-of-funnel activity. I removed nearly 200 low-value affiliates that were causing customer service issues and preventing content affiliates from shining through. As a result, costs have decreased by 41% in the first two weeks while gross sales are up by 47%. 

We fully expect this program to skyrocket in the coming months with new customers. Veteran affiliate manager Liz Gazer is working with the Previnex team to create engaging content for affiliates to promote ahead of the peak season in Q1 for the health category.  

Affiliates are promoting supplements, children’s chewable multivitamins, vegan meal replacements, vegan nutrition bars and more going into 2020. Previnex also has a fantastic story to tell. The company donates a bottle of children’s multivitamins to malnourished children around the world for every purchase made online.  

Join Previnex 

We have set the program for auto-deposit of funds and it has a 2-tier signup bonus available.   

Like all programs managed by Apogee, we manually approve applications to the Previnex  affiliate program. We protect it with  BrandVerity.  

Previnex Affiliate Program | Managed by Apogee

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