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Join Second Skin Audio | Affiliate Management by Apogee

We’re back with our fourth new client addition in the month of September: Second Skin Audio. The program is managed by Anne Parris. She and I have met with the owner of the company and we have a great list to recruit from.  

We’ve already seen some affiliates crossover from Eckler’s Automotive, one of our legacy clients. Anne is also managing the Eckler’s account, which is the number one program in the automotive category on ShareASale. The gearheads who love talking about classic cars are the same who promote automotive DIY projects. They are a perfect fit for Second Skin Audio.  

The Apogee team expects this program to grow rapidly over the next six months. Here is the description listed in the network:  

Second Skin Audio has been a leading provider of car insulation and sound deadening since 2000. We offer everything you could need to soundproof or insulate a vehicle, including sound deadening mats and liquids, mass loaded vinyl noise barriers, sound absorbing foams, heat insulation, and radiant heat barriers. If it’s related to automotive soundproofing, we have you covered. Because of the high quality of our products, many are used in other industries outside of auto as well. We have a variety of products that are used in home soundproofing or for commercial projects. 

Join Second Skin Audio  

Second Skin Audio Affiliate Program

We have set the program for auto-deposit of funds and it has a 2-tier signup bonus available. The company offers aggressive  deals  monthly.  

Like all programs managed by Apogee, we manually approve applications to the  Second Skin Audio  affiliate program. We protect it with  BrandVerity.  

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