Join Seven Sisters Scones, Promote Freakin' Amazing Scones

Join Seven Sisters Scones, Promote Freakin’ Amazing Scones

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There’s this bakery in John’s Creek, Georgia that I’ve visited many times. Seven Sisters Scones. The scones are incredible. On one such visit a couple of months ago, I discussed with two of the seven sisters the robust growth from online orders. I wanted to help with that growth. Fast forward a little to February 2019 and Apogee has launched the affiliate program for Seven Sisters Scones on the ShareASale network. Join Seven Sisters Scones and promote the best scones ever. Ever.

Prior to eating these scones, my perception was based on the triangle, cardboard-like scones from Starbucks. They had no flavor and were very dry. These scones, however, made fresh in the bakery every day are more like moist and savory biscuits. I love making egg sandwiches with them. You can’t do that with those crumbly things you get from chain coffee shops.

The most popular box is the scone sampler with six different tastes. They also have mini scones called Sconies™. Another popular item is the gift bag of Bisconies™. Affiliates are welcome to purchase through their own links to sample the goods. Several review affiliates have already ordered their own and we can’t wait to hear how they liked them. We will have information soon about a subscription box for affiliates to promote.

We’ve Tried Them

Greg: “Personally, I prefer the jalapeno, green olive and cheddar scone for egg sandwiches. The cranberry orange scone needs nothing. The flavor stands on its own.”

Daniel: “The flavors are intense. These aren’t boring or muted bits of pastry. The vanilla bean scone and the strawberry champagne scone, in particular, were outstanding.”

Christen: “The bacon-cheddar-chive scone was like a gift from the heavens this morning. Screw keto, these scones are worth the carbs.”

Anne: “Finally, gluten-free baked goods that actually taste good. So happy with the selection of savory and sweet. I could send scones from Seven Sisters Scones as a gift and know the recipient would love them.”

Join Seven Sisters Scones! Program Stats and Details:

  • Base commission: 10%
  • Tracking Gap: 90 days
  • Average order: $25
  • Conversion: 4%

We have set the program for auto-deposit of funds, it has a 2-tier signup bonus available, and the datafeed updates regularly. Like most of our clients, Seven Sisters Scones offers aggressive deals throughout the year. There’s never a bad time to promote these treats.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, we set the Seven Sisters Scones affiliate program for manual approval of affiliate applications and protect it with BrandVerity.

Join Seven Sisters Scones, Promote Freakin' Amazing Scones

Join Seven Sisters Scones on ShareASale!

Join Seven Sisters Scones, Promote Freakin' Amazing Scones

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Join Seven Sisters Scones, Promote Freakin' Amazing Scones

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