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Join Takl - Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

Apogee is thrilled to announce the launch of Takl on the ShareASale network. Join Takl and promote a top-notch service that matches approved providers with customers who need chores done. It’s home services on demand: cleaning & housekeeping, delivery, junk removal, lawn care, pet care, painting and much more. Need a TV mounted to your wall? Takl it. Need help moving? Takl it. Need to put together that super complicated bit of furniture that you thought you could handle but it turns out the directions are written in Sanskrit and the only screwdriver you have is the one you drank at breakfast? Takl it.

Chores can be scheduled online or through the mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices. Affiliates earn commissions regardless of platform*. And Takl’s approved providers are available in all 50 states—check their map for availability if you’re geo-targeting at all.

This program is a slam-dunk for any content creators in the DIY and home improvement spaces, but it’s not limited to that. A savvy affiliate will be able to promote Takl services to almost anyone. Do you run a blog that teaches people how to sculpt clay replicas of the Jonas Brothers? You can show those people how a Takl approved provider can mow their lawn for them, thus freeing up more time to work on that sculpture of Joe that’s just not coming together quite right (it’s the eyes). See? Easy.

Join Takl:

  • Base commission: 10%
  • Tracking Gap: 30 days
  • Average order (outside affiliate channel): $120

Affiliates should expect the average order to be about the same as the program ramps up.

We have set the program for auto-deposit of funds and it has a 2-tier signup bonus available. The company offers aggressive deals monthly.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, we manually approve applications to the Takl affiliate program. We protect it with BrandVerity.

Join Takl - Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

*Mobile tracking is available now. Web tracking is coming soon (aiming for within a week).

This client announcement is what happens when you let the CTO handle the writing instead of the editing. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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