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Announcing The Spanish Sandal Co Affiliate Program

Apogee is excited to announce our new client, The Spanish Sandal Co. This family-owned, boutique name in high-quality, stylish summer footwear is the latest addition to Apogee’s fashion portfolio. Made in Spain, these sandals are manufactured using traditional craftsmanship methods from the finest all-natural materials such as Napa leather and nubuck suede. Customers love The Spanish Sandal Co. for its affordable, quality selection of traditional Spanish styles offering comfort and wearability without sacrificing style. Join The Spanish Sandal Co. on ShareASale.

These sandals are commonly referred to as “avarcas” or sometimes referred to as menorquinas due to their origins in Menorca, Spain, more than 100 years ago. The traditional shoes were first created for farmers to keep feet dry and comfortable in Spain’s intense summer heat. So loved, the popularity of avarcas Spanish sandals has spread across Europe and North America. Rivaling the beachy summer flip-flop for popularity but offering far more versatility of style, avarcas are among the most commonly worn styles of summer shoes, particularly for their breathable comfort and versatile design. 

Casual yet chic, practical, well-made, stylish and comfortable, The Spanish Sandal Co.’s selection of women’s footwear embodies the Spanish way of life. Designed for the busy, quality-driven, budget-conscious woman on the go, all styles retail for less than $100, making The Spanish Sandal Co. an affordable, dependable choice for Europe’s most popular summer footwear style. 

As former Director of Digital Strategy and eCommerce for a Canadian fashion footwear retailer and with existing affiliate relationships in both the fashion and accessories categories, Liz Gazer is a natural fit as the affiliate manager for The Spanish Sandal Co.  

Join The Spanish Sandal Co. affiliate program on ShareASale today and start earning commissions on this unique, stylish footwear company. 

Join The Spanish Sandal Co. 

  • Base commission: 12% (VIP available) 
  • Tracking Gap: 90 days 
  • Advanced attribution rules with ShareASale Conversion Lines 
  • $2 two-tier signup bonus 
  • Personal attention from dedicated managers 
  • Sign up exclusively on the ShareASale network 

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