Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way

Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way

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**Disclaimer. There are Amazon affiliate links here. I tried to apply to the Guitar Center affiliate program but the manager didn’t think I was good enough to promote them.**

With two podcasts underway, I decided to step up my game and purchase some professional broadcast equipment recently. My old Logitech headset was cutting in and out and I’ll admit, I was envious of the QAQN mobile podcast studio set up at Affiliate Summit West 2011. Daniel Clark is laying the foundation of an incredible consulting business at QAQN and I applaud his efforts in communications amongst the affiliate industry and beyond.

For my podcasts, I wanted to turn back time and venture into my radio days from college. I started answering phones for the lovely Alicia Kaye on WRBQ Q105 in Tampa twenty years ago. It was a station I listened to since my childhood and working there was a dream come true, even if it wasn’t glamorous. I worked in every part-time position possible at the radio station before deciding to grow up and get a real job at the Tampa Tribune. My radio days were special. I learned how to edit on reel to reel and I hung out with legendary disc jockeys like Ronnie Night Train Lane and Chuck Bear. I worked in promotions with Pat George and flew in a traffic plane with Arch Deal. I annoyed the newsman Roger P. Schulman on a regular basis and I was prank called by Jimmy “Hacksaw” Kimmel, the morning show producer.

I was always too afraid to talk on the microphone so when I was working on the morning shift with Dave McKay, he ordered me a Radio Shack two-way receiver that made me sound like a McDonald’s drive-through teller. With such crappy audio, even my nervousness was hidden.

Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way

I’m not nervous anymore. I’m confident in who I am and what I want in life. I want people to hear my voice. I want them to listen to my podcasts and hear what is being said by the people I interview. I have two great partners, Joe Magennis on Affiliate Juice and Cindy Ballard on Affiliate Voices. We have plenty of stories and best practices to share with our listeners. Joe and Cindy’s affiliate perspectives balance my affiliate program manager perspective and our plan is to crank out good content for the industry.

By the way, the intro and outro voice for Affiliate Juice was Chuck Bear and for Affiliate Voices it was Alicia Kaye. Thank you very much for the help from two rock star voiceover professionals.

Several weeks ago, I walked into a Guitar Center here in Atlanta and talked to a customer service rep. I told him my budget and my requirements. By the time I left, he had changed both of those. The end result is a crisp clear sound from my office desk that reminds me of the days I played around at the radio station editing news and traffic stories.

My purchase included the Rode NT1A, a complete recording solution set.

The acclaimed Rode NT1-A now comes as a complete recording solution by including a premium shockmount with integrated pop filter, high-quality 6m (20′) XLR cable, microphone dust cover and even a bonus instructional DVD!

The Rode NT1-A studio condenser microphone is a fresh redesign of Rode’s classic NT- 1 cardioid condenser, the mic that sparked a revolution in home and project studio recording. Updated to handle the demands of digital recording, the Rode NT1-A boasts an incredibly low self-noise of only 5dB (A) and delivers the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability normally found on much more expensive microphones.

To make this compatible with my laptop through USB, I also purchased an M-Audio Fast Track audio interface.

The new and improved M-Audio Fast Track audio interface is now updated with even better sound quality, more features, and an all-new version of Pro Tools software, Pro Tools M-Powered Essential, designed to simplify the music creation process while providing the same platform the pros use.

Fast Track now offers phantom power so you can use professional-quality studio condenser microphones and is compatible with most popular music recording applications from GarageBand to studio-standard Pro Tools M-Powered.

My brain was still living in an analog broadcasting world so I needed the assistance of Daniel and Joe over the last month to learn the digital aspects. I’m using Skype and Pamela to record the sessions and Audacity to edit them. But with the M-Audio came a professional software that I plan to master some day. I also picked up a book to help me learn – Pro Tools. It does the same thing as Audacity but I think I’ll have fun with it.

Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way
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Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way

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Podcasting the Marketing Gorilla Way

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