Previnex Migration to Refersion

Greg HoffmanFrom Apogee2 Comments

Apogee is assisting Previnex partners in migrating from ShareASale to Refersion over the next few weeks. The ShareASale program will close on April 29th, 2021.

Join Previnex on Refersion here.

2 Comments on “Previnex Migration to Refersion”

  1. How do I continue promoting Previnex after moving to Refersion? I have many Previnex banners inside my blog posts. I will probably substitute with new HTML?

    1. George, you will have to swap out all affiliate links – banners and text to continue promoting Previnex. It certainly is an inconvenience for you but it’s the right move for the brand. Any customers that are currently being tracked through your account will have 30 days to buy before all tracking stops.

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