TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale

TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale

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We are thrilled to announce that Greg Hoffman Consulting is now the Affiliate Management team for (a division of TruPet).

TruDog products are formulated for the health of every dog. The history of dogs, which are descended from wolves, shows that a raw meat diet is what they ate and what sustained them best. Though they have become domesticated, a diet including raw meat, raw bones, and real organs is still the best choice for a dog’s digestive systems. This type of diet can be difficult and time-consuming—and expensive—for dog owners to make at home. Trudog has given dog owners the best option by providing them with an all-natural, raw meat food that does not need to be refrigerated. There are no additives in their freeze-dried dog food either.

In addition to this high quality, all natural food, TruPet has also formulated other products such as Boost, an additive to daily feeding. The catalog rounds out with all natural products such as their dental spray and gel, ear cleaner, and calming chews.

No need to feed your dog products filled with unnecessary additives, preservatives, and fillers when all-natural TruDog products are available.

Pets are a billion dollar industry. Pet owners love their pets and now affiliates can encourage their audience to make the best choice possible for their pets. The commission rate is a very competitive 10% with a 90-day cookie and affiliate-exclusive promotions. There are many banners and text links to choose from for your site and we will be adding even more.

Sign up for TruDog on ShareASale and start earning commissions today.

TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale
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TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale

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TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale

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TruDog Affiliate Program on ShareASale

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