Visiting Queork: The Apogee Grand Tour 2018

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Visiting Queork - Apogee Grand Tour 2018

Visiting Queork - OutsideAfter a successful adventure meeting clients in Florida, the thought of another client-focused road trip was appealing. Our newest client, Amanda Dailey from Queork, had sent me an invitation to join her team in New Orleans for a party. It was their debut on the CNBC show The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. Visiting Queork turned out to be quite an experience!

My wife and I had never been to New Orleans so it was an easy decision to make. On Tuesday, December 11, we headed west. Amanda told me to look for a hotel in the CBD. After Googling “CBD”, we decided to take her advice and stay in the “Central Business District”. We checked in that afternoon and started exploring.

We walked around the French Quarter, bought gifts, and found the Queork store on Chartres. Jen did some shopping and I took pictures and asked questions. This was a good decision because we were walking around the main store that the show would feature later that night.

The premiere party was at the Bayou Wine Garden, a cute little bistro with an outdoor deck about two miles away. The Queork crew was already there celebrating before the show aired. The room hummed with nervous excitement.

Visiting QueorkIt was my first in-person meeting with Amanda and we were able to meet with her partner, Julie Araujo. When Amanda and I started working together, I knew she was going to be on The Profit, but I was given no details on the outcome. A few days before the show aired, The Profit gave away the handshake in a trailer, so I knew some kind of arrangement had been made and this was a great thing. A few minutes before the show aired though, Amanda was checking her increasing pulse rate. She wondered out loud how the story was going to be received.

Read more about her thoughts on the experience. 5 Takeaways From Being Featured On CNBC’S The Profit Starring Marcus Lemonis.

Sitting amongst their employees, friends and family as we watched the show was a nail-biting experience. Thanks to the editing of reality TV, we had suspense before each commercial break. In the end, the chants from the crowd, Queork, Queork, Queork, summed up the evening.

Visiting Queork: The Depot

The next morning, we did more sightseeing and headed to the Queork Depot, where they manufacture most of their products. We spent time checking out the people, the product and the process–the three keys to business success, according to Marcus. Jen spent money in the inventory room and I brought home a Captain America shield and a trophy made of cork and processed through their Glowforge machine.

Visiting Queork was fantastic. If you’re in the New Orleans area, check out their shop! Queork’s new affiliate program is going to grow over the next few years. We hope they become one of those long-term clients like Flirty Home, The California Wine Club and Snake River Farms.

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  1. Thank you Greg! I LOVED that you guys came to visit for this and share with us an amazing experience! Cheers to 2019 and a long term partnership!

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