The Decor Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #2

The Decor Gift Guide: Apogee’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #2

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Holiday gift guides are a great way to put your affiliate partners in front of your audience in a way that is both visually enticing and will also encourage them to think about specific people on their gift list. This year, Apogee is putting together three gift guides featuring our merchants to help inspire affiliates. If you missed our foodie gift guide now is the time to catch up.

Gift Guide for the Decor Lover

They have an impeccable eye for design. Their house has the sharpest-looking version of your everyday household object. Every time you visit them, another new element in their home sparks a little joy (and envy). They are your home decor enthusiast friend, and this decor gift guide is for them. From tabletop fire places to retro-feeling espresso makers to colorful, whimsical cuckoo clocks, Apogee has a great roster of clients to fit this gift recipient.

Clockwise from top left:

Online Amish Furniture – Merchant ID 36197

Handcrafted, classic and durable. Online Amish Furniture, which features handcrafted solid wood pieces, offers timeless furniture and other knicck-knacks any home decor enthusiast will cherish. These investment pieces are created to last generations, becoming heirloom items the recipient will be proud to pass forward. Click here to join the Online Amish Furniture affiliate program.

Serenity Health & Home Decor – Merchant ID 15199

With the array of relaxing products at Serenity Health, no longer will Seinfeld-esque “Serenity now!” moments be necessary. Fire pits, hammocks, indoor and outdoor water features, tabletop fireplaces and so much more help transform the home into a sanctuary, all while keeping design and aesthetics at the forefront. Click here to join the Serenity Health affiliate program.

1st in Coffee – Merchant ID 60881

While 1st in Coffee does offer run-of-the-mill coffee makers, they really shine in the espresso maker department. From the super sleek Juras to the retro-looking red Ascaso to the manual-lever espresso makers, 1st in Coffee has a machine for every decor aesthetic. Click here to join the 1st in Coffee affiliate program.

Music Box Attic – Merchant ID 40198

Music boxes make great gifts for young and old, and Music Box Attic is the best spot to get ’em. In addition to classic designs, Music Box Attic offers contemporary looks and other fun odds and ends, including colorful and whimsical cuckoo clocks and Faberge eggs. Click here to join the Music Box Attic affiliate program.

Himalayan Salt Shop – Merchant ID 59857

Himalayan salt lamps are extremely popular and make amazing gifts. Not only do they look gorgeous in a home, but they are purported to have some pretty intriguing health benefits as well. Himalayan Salt Shop offers these authentic salt lamps, using salt mined from the Khewra Mines in Pakistan, in a variety of sizes and shapes, in addition to candle holders, bath salts and a few other goodies. Himalayan salt lamps are especially popular among yogis and holistic livers. Click here to join the Himalayan Salt Shop affiliate program.

We hope this decor gift guide helped provide some ideas on how to best promote our merchants this holiday season!

The Decor Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #2

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The Decor Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #2

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The Decor Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #2

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