The Entertainer Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Gift Guide Series #3

The Entertainer Gift Guide: Apogee’s 2017 Gift Guide Series #3

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Designing holiday gift guides helps highlight your affiliate partners during the busy shopping season while also appealing to your readers who may be struggling with their list. Apogee has created three gift guides featuring our merchants to help inspire affiliates. If you missed our foodie gift guide or our decor gift guide, go ahead and catch up.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer

They are the hostess with the mostess. The one who invites everyone together to break bread and toast to friendship, new and old. They are the master of entertaining. They open their doors to each opportunity to be with their nearest and dearest, and the entertainer gift guide is for them. From wine, beer and other spirits to make sure the bar never runs dry to fire pits that double as a gathering space where the best conversations happen, Apogee has a client to make this recipient pleased as punch.

From left to right:

Saucey – Merchant ID 71736o

Two words that are music to anyone who regularly entertains ears: Alcohol delivery. Saucey offers the option to send their huge collection of wine, beer and sometimes hard-to-find spirits as a gift. With delivery available to most states, it’s an easy and fun way to send a host or hostess gift without anyone having to step foot in a liquor store. Join the Saucey affiliate program.

The California Wine Club – Merchant ID 10286

For the entertainer who has an impressive wine selection, the gift of a wine club membership will have them popping their cork. The California Wine Club delivers hand-picked artisanal wines from — you guessed it — California, all backed by a 100% “Love It!” guarantee. There are many wine clubs that may claim superiority, but there’s a reason why this is THE California Wine Club. Join The California Wine Club affiliate program.

Serenity Health and Home Decor – Merchant ID 15199

On cool, crisp nights, there are few better things than gathering around a fire pit with friends, sipping on a delish cocktail and catching up. Serenity Health has a wide variety of fire pits, from no-fuss to fancy table fire pits. Anyone who regularly hosts gatherings would be thrilled to add these to their back yard conversation areas. Join the Serenity Health affiliate program.

The Entertainer Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Gift Guide Series #3

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The Entertainer Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Gift Guide Series #3

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The Entertainer Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Gift Guide Series #3

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