The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1

The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1

11 · 06 · 17

Holiday gift guides are an insanely popular and smart strategy to encourage conversions during the busy holiday shopping season. This year, Apogee is putting together three gift guides featuring our merchants to help inspire affiliates and illustrate how these brands can be incorporated into their own gift guides.

The Apogee Foodie Gift Guide:

We all have that friend who is just slightly food obsessed. Whether they’re a grilling guru, a baking bon vivant or just a glutton for gourmet, Apogee has a client that will fill the need. From delicious steaks to ever-popular subscription boxes and beyond, there are some seriously delicious options for you to promote on your site and social media.

The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1
Clockwise from top left:

Snake River Farms – Merchant ID 51308

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are synonymous with outstanding American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta Pork and Northwest source-certified beef. They can often be found in some of the top restaurants in the world, ranging from Michelin-starred establishments to local businesses that value excellence. These products, which are wet aged, never fail to impress with complex flavors, subtle sweetness and remarkable tenderness. Snake River Farms is perfect for anyone with a good appreciation for meat. Click here to join the Snake River Farms affiliate program.

KettlePizza – Merchant ID 65205

No longer does family pizza night mean resorting to subpar delivery or splashing down a bunch of cash for the high-quality wood-fired ‘za. KettlePizza allows families to bring pizza night to the next level without leaving home. Created to cook restaurant-quality wood-fired pizza on your home grill — with versions for charcoal or gas grills — KettlePizza is a must-give gift for the pizza lover. Click here to join the KettlePizza affiliate program.

Collin Street Bakery – Merchant ID 72581

Fruitcake and the holidays are a longtime tradition, and Collin Street Bakery wants to make sure it’s a tradition that lives on. Serving Texas since 1896 and now delivering all over the U.S. and to 196 foreign nations, Colin Street Bakery is infamous for its DeLuxe Fruitcake and Texas Pecan Cakes, but it offers so much more. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love goodies from Collin Street Bakery.  Click here to join the Collin Street Bakery affiliate program.

Taste Trunk – Merchant ID 49304

Taste Trunk delivers hard-to-find gourmet treats in beautifully packaged vintage trunks. Shoppers can choose from monthly subscriptions, one-off themed boxes or even fully customized gifts. No holiday gift guide is complete without a subscription box, and these gifts are perfect for the food lover who loves to cook. Click here to join the Taste Trunk affiliate program.

Lobster Anywhere – Merchant ID 726

There are few better treats for a landlocked foodie than fresh Maine lobster delivered to their door. Lobster Anywhere has cultivated a sterling reputation over their three decades in business, and for good reason: They deliver seafood that is guaranteed to be fresh, distinctive and delicious. While lobster is the shining star of Lobster Anywhere, they also offer a variety of seafood, including scallops, shrimp, mussels and more. Click here to join the Lobster Anywhere affiliate program.

Grill Masters Club – Merchant ID 68697

The team at Grill Masters Club is dedicated to the art and soul of grilling. This subscription box delivers delectable spices, rubs, marinades and other grilling essentials to the recipient’s door. Each product is hand-picked to cook up mouthwatering meats and vegetables. Click here to join the Grill Masters Club affiliate program.

The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1

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The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1

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The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series #1

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    I do not know if I can use your merchants, but I want to. I maybe already or automaticly a shareasale affiliate. I am just starting my on line business through them. I will ask tomorrow when I talk to custermer service guy. What you have makes my mouth water! I hope I can be apart your program.

    • The Foodie Gift Guide: Apogee

      Hi Vicki,

      If you’re in ShareASale, you are more than welcome to apply for our programs (a full list can be found on this website under the Clients tab up at the top). Make sure you include the domains on which you’ll be promoting in your application so we can ensure you’re a good fit! Let us know if you have any questions.


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