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Exceeding the goals of clients for more than ten years, Greg Hoffman and the Apogee team are proud to be recognized as industry leaders in affiliate program management. As the bridge between affiliates and merchants our mission is to make both sides profitable while enforcing high standards of integrity and ethical practices.

Apogee is proactive with recruitment, activation and education, key requirements to the success of every affiliate program. The diversity of skills and professional backgrounds of the team gives us the ability to service every level of client under retainer and to always be proactive in our management.

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Greg Hoffman, Industry Veteran

Greg has been influential in the affiliate marketing industry for more than a decade, and has been recognized by industry leaders for his experience, qualifications, and integrity. His reputation for high standards and fair treatment for affiliates and merchants has earned him a slot as a speaker at many industry events over the years, and he brings that ethos to every program Apogee manages.

Greg Hoffman, Industry Veteran

From Our Clients

“Within our first year of working with the Apogee team our affiliate sales increased by 25%. The following year, sales increased another 70%. Professional, creative and attentive. They are an important part of our marketing efforts and quite simply, awesome.”

Gerri-Lynn Becker
The California Wine Club

“Our affiliate sales soared under the direction of the Apogee team last year. They significantly increased the number of active affiliates with both clicks and sales. We are very happy with the profitability of the program and the strategy for future growth.”

Rick D’Ambrosio
Director of eCommerce
Snake River Farms

“We love the service we get from Apogee. We have experienced significant and continual growth year over year since they started managing our affiliate program, more than seven years ago. Apogee has proven to be a very efficient and successful partner of ours!”

Lori Hardy
Flirty Home

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From Our Affiliates

“For my one affiliate site I have running my goal this year was to triple my commissions. So far for the first half of the year, I am up 6X over what I did last year. And the vast majority of that is from Apogee merchants.

Also, due to the Conversion Lines rules they have set up they have saved me commissions on about 10 sales. Yeah, losing a couple of percent on those sales isn’t the best, but it is better than losing the entire sale. I can confidently say if you build quality content that connects with your audience there is money to be made with Apogee merchants.”

Joe Sousa
Complete Carnivore

“I have simple expectations of an affiliate manager: Learn how I work and help me excel on behalf of your clients. It isn’t any more complicated than this. From the first time I worked with Greg Hoffman, long before the agency had the name Apogee, he demonstrated affiliate advocacy and a willingness to teach me how to be a better affiliate.

Greg and his team continue to lead the charge in affiliate advocacy with extensive use of commission incentives, attribution technology which rewards affiliates who create value, and a willingness to experiment to achieve better results.”

Jessyca Frederick
Wine Club Reviews

“I’ve been a blogger for almost ten years. Greg and the team at Apogee Affiliates saved my dream of being a writer. It started with one question. “Can I use my affiliate links to purchase from my sponsors?” and Greg’s quick and friendly reply. From that day on, I not only started asking more questions to open the door to making money through my blog, but I also gained excitement again for blogging. To be honest, I was days away from shutting down my blog and walking away. Now, I’m planning my editorial calendar for the next year! I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Crysta Icore
Dancing with Fireflies

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