Influence new customers through relationship building and visibility.

Apogee is a digital marketing agency focusing on affiliate program management, influencer marketing, public relations, social media management and paid digital advertising.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Since 2009, Apogee has exceeded the goals of our clients, delivering exceptional value and helping brands grow through affiliate marketing. Apogee methodology blends the channels of affiliate, public relations, influencer, social media, and digital advertising. Our layered approach influences new customer acquisition through relationship building and visibility.

  • Affiliate Program Management experts focusing on recruitment, education, and activation of relevant partners
  • Bridging the gap between editorial and monetized content with mass media publications
  • Increasing brand awareness through social media and culture-based narratives

Blurring the Lines of Affiliate & PR 

Since 2019, Apogee has been implementing "hybrid" model campaigns that blend traditional affiliate programs with PR campaigns such as product reviews, sponsored campaigns, and ambassadorships.

Our affiliate marketing strategy includes a heavy emphasis on content creation to strengthen brand awareness and social proof to create lifelong customers while upholding the integrity of the brand.  

A Dedicated Management Team

At Apogee, you are not just a number. Relationships are at the forefront of everything we do and that includes relationships with our clients as well as with our publishers, content creators, and corporate partners. 

We believe that open communication, transparency, and honesty are vital aspects of a successful partnership. Every single program receives attention every single day from a dedicated team to proactively grow your brand and revenue.



The Apogee Difference

Meet with us and learn why Apogee is not just another digital marketing agency. 


Years In Business

Apogee has been professionally managing affiliate programs for more than 14 years.


At Apogee, you are not a number. You are a valued partner who gets one on one attention from your management team.

Annual Revenue

The Apogee Way has helped our clients scale exponentially by focusing on quality content and brand integrity.

Publisher Network

Our network of affiliate and influencer publishers understand affiliate marketing and love promoting new products to their highly engaged audiences.

Resources and Training for Affiliate Marketers