Affiliate Management Services

What We Do

Our primary focus when we started in 2009 was affiliate program management. We’ve evolved to incorporate other channels that ensure there are multiple touchpoints to convert new customers. These additional layers will help influence new customers through relationship building and visibility. Our added services include public relations, influencer marketing, social media management and paid digital advertising.

The award-winning Apogee team was built for recruitment, education and activation of relevant partners for each program. Your goals, expectations and satisfaction with the affiliate channel are the highest priorities. Our legacy clients are averaging more than six years of continuous affiliate management services.

As part of our affiliate management strategy, we’ve learned how to marry a narrow scope of public relations with affiliate marketing. But, there are valuable editorial lines that cannot be crossed. We build relationships with media on your behalf and curate earned media coverage. We will also present paid opportunities with mass media outlets that yield high returns on ad spend.

Many affiliates consider themselves influencers but not all influencers want to be affiliates. We love creating hybrid campaigns but we also understand how to build strategies for brand awareness. Influencers create valuable content that introduces new customers to your brand. Let us manage your influencer outreach and tracking for influencers.

Affiliates, mass media and influencers all look for a brand’s social media presence when deciding if they want to partner with them. If you do not have an active and engaging strategy on social media, we can help. If you do have a social media manager, we can advise on best practices that will help strengthen the optics for other vital channels.

Apogee will help your brand find targeted customers through paid social, programmatic display advertising, paid search or retargeting. We can be your one-stop-shop for all digital advertising. Building brand awareness on third-party feeds and pages with sponsored content is the final layer of our strategy.

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