Apogee reaches for the highest point of integrity in performance marketing by advocating for merchants and affiliates and teaching each to value the other.


Founded in 2009 as Greg Hoffman Consulting, Apogee is an award-winning affiliate program management agency.

Greg was already a successful affiliate manager when he struck out on his own and and started his own agency. With several small programs on the ShareASale and Commission Junction networks, he began his expansion. The first milestone was the 2009 signing of Flirty Aprons, now Flirty Home. Jen Hoffman assisted as the business manager, helping to keep the cash flowing and taxes paid.

More milestones were soon reached. New clients brought new opportunities. Speaking engagements at industry events became common, as did recognition from peers and industry leaders. The agency was voted Best OPM/Agency by industry members at what was, at the time, the most popular affiliate marketing forum in the world five years in a row beginning in 2010.

Greg Hoffman Consulting won its first prestigious Pinnacle Award, OPM/Agency of the Year, at Affiliate Summit in January 2014.

The agency added a key player when Daniel M. Clark joined the team in 2014 as Tech Manager, later CTO. Daniel brought a strong focus on network tools with regard to automation and client reporting.

Throughout 2014, the mission would be defined and refined. The agency would advocate for ethical behavior and integrity in an industry where far too often, those things are lacking. The agency would stand up for affiliates and merchants alike, believing there is never a need to favor one at the expense of the other. Advanced network tools would be used to ensure accurate tracking and level playing fields for everyone involved.

In 2015, with an expansion of the client roster and a new vision of the future, Greg Hoffman Consulting leveled-up. Apogee was born.

Greg would go on to win his first individual Pinnacle Award, Affiliate Marketing Advocate, in January 2016.

2017 saw another addition to the team: Christen Evans, another Pinnacle Award winner. Christen's mastery of all things social added a dimension to the agency that had an immediate and dramatic impact for clients.

2018-19 marked a period of rapid expansion with the signing of not just a slew of new clients, but three new managers. Apogee is well positioned to attend to the needs of any business looking to have a successful affiliate program.

Greg Hoffman, President and CEO

Greg Hoffman

Founder and CEO


Christen Evans, Affiliate Manager

Christen Evans

Affiliate Manager


Jennifer Hoffman, Vice President

Jennifer Hoffman



Anne Parris, Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Anne Parris

Affiliate Manager


Daniel M. Clark, CTO

Daniel M. Clark



Daniel M. Clark, CTO

Lynsey Kmetz

Outreach Manager


Industry Accolades

Agency Team of the Year



Best Use of Technology

Best Use of Technology, ShareASale ThinkTank Award 2018 | Apogee

OPM/Agency of the Year

Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Winner

Greg Hoffman Consulting Logo 2014



Greg Hoffman Consulting Logo 2013

Affiliate Marketing Advocate

Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Winner

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Affiliate Manager of the Year

What's an Apogee?

1 : the point in the orbit of an object (such as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth; also : the point farthest from a planet or a satellite (such as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it.

2 : the farthest or highest point : CULMINATION • Aegean civilization reached its apogee in Crete."Apogee." Merriam-Webster.com.