Greg Hoffman, Founder and CEO

Greg Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Apogee, is an award winning outsourced program manager with an outstanding record of fostering growth and profitability in the programs that his agency manages. With more than twenty years of experience in digital marketing, Greg has cultivated a reputation for integrity and an adherence to a rigorous set of standards that protect and nurture affiliates and merchants alike. Affiliate Summit has selected Greg as a speaker nine times and his sessions have consistently ranked in the top ten by every standard: content, speaker, attendance, and audience growth. He also attends ShareASale ThinkTank, where he has been asked to present to affiliates.

Greg has contributed written pieces on the subjects of affiliate program management and best practices to FeedFront, Website Magazine, and industry blogs. In 2015, he published his first book, Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall.


Greg HoffmanIndustry leaders have recognized Greg for his efforts. His first time as an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award finalist—for OPM/Agency of the Year—came in 2013; he went on to win that award in 2014. Greg has been named a finalist for the Affiliate Manager of the Year Pinnacle Award three times. He took home the Affiliate Marketing Advocate Pinnacle Award in 2016. The affiliate marketing community at large voted Greg and his agency Best

OPM in the ABestWeb “Best of” Awards five years in a row, from 2010 to 2014.

Originally an old-school radio and newspaper man, Greg began his career as a media professional answering phones for legendary Tampa radio station WRBQ. He moved on to print journalism, covering education and politics for The Tampa Tribune, The Rome News-Tribune, The Marietta Daily Journal and the Atlanta Journal & Constitution.

Greg married his wife, Jen, in 2010, creating a blended family with four teens between them. They have many fish in the aquarium and a dog to keep an eye on everything. Greg will happily talk to you about his comprehensive Captain America comic book collection, vinyl records, remote controlled trucks, drones and the greatest American pastime, baseball.