Join Darn Good Yarn on ShareASale

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Join Darn Good Yarn | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

Apogee finally signed a darn good client in the crafts niche. We’ve been on the hunt for the right one for the last few years and the Darn Good Yarn program is going to be fun for our team to kick into high gear. The program was originally launched on ShareASale in June of 2015. They launched a second program … Read More

Please Welcome Carolyn Kmet!

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Carolyn Kmet Joins Apogee | Affiliate Program Management

It is my honor to announce that affiliate marketing veteran Carolyn Kmet has joined Apogee as Strategic Advisor to company President Jen Hoffman. Carolyn will serve part-time as our senior consultant while Apogee continues its fantastic growth through the coming years. I first met Carolyn “CTang” Kmet in Miami at Affiliate Summit 2007. She was with ShareASale at the time, … Read More

Join Previnex on ShareASale

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Join Previnex | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

The Previnex team launched its affiliate program in May 2017 but decided last month it was time for professional affiliate program management. Apogee took over the program and immediately implemented our proprietary attribution rules to increase conversions for content-based partners.   None of the October sales came from top-of-the-funnel partners such as bloggers, influencers or review sites. All active affiliates were coupon or … Read More

Join DoggieLawn on ShareASale

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Join DoggieLawn | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

Our second wave of fall client announcements is here. DoggieLawn is another new program that Apogee recently helped launch on the ShareASale network. This is the perfect client for Anne Parris to manage as she has expertly guided TruDog this year and has built great relationships with pet affiliates.  DoggieLawn is a subscription service for environmentally-friendly dog grass patches for canines of all sizes. For one low price, dogs … Read More

Five Trustworthy Factors for Affiliate Marketing Forecasting

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A Realistic Approach to Program Projections As the head of business development for Apogee, I advocate for my team of affiliate management experts, our partners and the industry. I want every affiliate program to be profitable and successful. I want affiliates in those programs to feel the satisfaction of cashing big payouts each month. I want my team to be … Read More