Best Resources for New Affiliate Marketers

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Resources for New Affiliates | Apogee Affiliate Management

Our main educational priority at Apogee has been to show affiliates how to promote our specific clients and their products. This year, we are focusing more on activation and general education. We have a handful of high-quality, reliable suggestions to begin, or further, your affiliate education.

Affiliate Education and Activation Campaigns

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Affiliate Education and Activation Campaigns | Apogee Affiliate Program Management

This year, the Apogee team will continue its robust recruiting efforts. We are also committed to stepping up our affiliate education and activation services in addition to recruitment. 2018 will see the rise of the Apogee YouTube channel as well, so be sure to subscribe!

Cultivating Two-Tier Affiliate Referrals

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Two-Tier Affiliate Referrals - Apogee: Affiliate Program Management

In 2015, I added a modest two-tier model to all of the programs we manage at Apogee. Twelve years ago, two-tier commissions were popular but in decline. I brought them back to Apogee-managed programs, and today, the default two-tier commission is a $2 flat payout when a referred application is approved. We’ve paid out 100 bonuses this year.