Lynsey Kmetz, Managing Director

Lynsey Kmetz is the Managing Director at Apogee and oversees affiliate program management, public relations, influencer, and paid advertising. Her collective work as a content creator and experience in the direct sales industry led her to be the focal point of strategy and operations.

She has a strong Type-A personality that fuels her passion for helping people create their own financial success while maintaining balance and spending time on what matters most.

Lynsey Kmetz is the managing director at Apogee and oversees affiliate program management, public relations, and influencer campaigns. Her leadership in sales and marketing has helped propel the agency into a new era with exciting new brands.

An experienced conference and webinar speaker, Lynsey delivers knowledge on growing online businesses and SEO tools and strategies for small business owners. A Leo in every sense of the word, Lynsey loves being on stage and brings actionable steps mixed with humor and storytelling to keep her audience engaged and entertained.

When she’s not in management mode, she can be found restoring her 1908 home or in her garden with a small herd of dachshunds at her feet. Lynsey, her husband Mike, and their two daughters live in the beautiful Florida panhandle. You can connect with Lynsey on her favorite platform - Instagram.