Lynsey Jones Kmetz, Assistant Affiliate Manager

Outreach Manager

As Apogee expands, we continue to hire the best fits for our culture and our clients. Lynsey Kmetz is our first Outreach Manager. Her primary role is recruiting new content creators to our growing roster of premium clients. Lynsey works with our affiliate managers to help get new affiliate partners integrated and active with promotions.

Her experiences as a blogger, combined with her direct sales background, gives her the right toolset for Apogee's management ethos. She’s diligent about her tasks and motivated to assist the team.

Lynsey Jones Kmetz - Speaking

At Plaid St. 2019

Lynsey has spent more than 15 years in the online marketing world. Her enormous membership websites and blogs teach everything from time management and organization to eating healthy and traveling the world. Her strong Type-A personality fuels her passion for helping people create their own financial success while maintaining balance and spending time on what matters most.

Lynsey has spoken at more than 20 conferences around the country on topics ranging from growing online businesses to SEO tools and strategies for small business owners. A Leo in every sense of the word, Lynsey loves being on stage and brings actionable steps mixed with humor and storytelling to keep her audience engaged and entertained.

At home, you will most likely find Lynsey sipping hazelnut coffee from one of her numerous Rae Dunn mugs while watching Instagram Stories with her insanely hyper dachshund, Leia close by. Lynsey, her husband Mike, and their two daughters live in the beautiful Florida panhandle. Both were born and raised in Pensacola, where they plan to spend the rest of their lives.

You can connect with Lynsey on her favorite social media platform at