Daniel Clark, CTO

Daniel M. Clark, Chief Technology Officer of Apogee, has been a part of the affiliate marketing industry since 2005. He joined the agency in 2014 and immediately set to revamping the client reporting system, transitioning it from a manual task to a purely automated process using network APIs and PHP. Daniel works with Apogee clients to optimize datafeeds and product catalogs; he also provides tracking code installation and upgrade instruction. He administers the Apogee web server and maintains agency databases. Challenges with a technological solution fall under Daniel’s purview.

A writer and language enthusiast, Daniel is the primary editor of the Apogee blog and serves as editor of the books published by Greg and the agency.

Affiliate Summit has selected Daniel to be a speaker eight times, and his presentations consistently rank well in attendee feedback. He has also had the honor of being the Emcee for an Affiliate Summit East event, and has volunteered his time as the Newcomer Program Coordinator over the years. Daniel served on the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board for more than five years.

Daniel’s career began at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where he provided tech support to Mission Control. An introduction to shell scripting ignited an enjoyment of programming that led to exploring half a dozen languages. Daniel has been a successful podcaster, hosting several hundred episodes of his self-produced shows. He contributed regularly to NMX (nee BlogWorld) and was recognized for his talent when NMX contracted him to write their book on podcasting, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster. He came into affiliate marketing via print-on-demand, when a popular P.O.D. company launched their affiliate program in 2005. Ever since, affiliate marketing has been the foundation upon which other endeavors have rested (affiliate marketing helped support the podcasts and the books).

Daniel M. Clark

Daniel at Affiliate Summit
“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”


Daniel and his wife, Angela, raise two kids in the Houston suburbs. In 2019, at age 44, he went back to school to earn a B.A. in Creative Writing & English, with a focus on fiction writing. He is working on a trilogy of fantasy/sci-fi novels, which will be completed any day now—depending on one’s definitions of “working on” and “any day now”. The hat has been mostly permanently semi-retired.