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Join LinkFool on ShareASale

LinkFool builds natural links, each month, to help their customers grow SEO rankings without fear of being slapped with penalties or banned by the search engines. Packages range from $79 to $199 a month. Join LinkFool on ShareASale to start earning! In September 2012, I announced a new addition to our lineup of professionally managed programs at Greg Hoffman Consulting, our former company name. LinkFool was a new program … Read More

LinkFool Affiliate Program

text Affiliates Like the LinkFool Affiliate Program text. Like all programs managed by Apogee, LinkFool is: set for manual approval of affiliate applications protected by BrandVerity covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules JOIN ON SHAREASALE Proudly ManagedSince March 2020View the posts related to LinkFool on the Apogee blog. Program Specs 20% Commission 365 Day Cookie Auto-Deposit 2-Tier Signup Bonus ComplianceApogee insists on … Read More


Apogee Affiliate Marketing Management

Our client list represents some of the finest brands and top affiliate programs across our favorite verticals—home improvement, automotive, pets, toys, gifts, and of course, gourmet. Our gourmet food and drink clients are, pardon the pun, our bread and butter. Surf and turf, anyone? Paired with a nice glass of wine? Perhaps some gourmet coffee afterward? Be sure to wear … Read More

Apogee: An Affiliate Management Agency

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