A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall

A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall

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Merchants and managers that need to understand the affiliate marketing channel have a new resource for best practices. A new book published by Greg Hoffman Consulting, Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall, is now available exclusively on Amazon.com.

We want this book to really open up the eyes of the industry. Managing programs isn’t easy and it’s no lie to say that thousands of programs are unmanaged or mismanaged. There are plenty of great managers with success stories, many of whom I call my friends. This book isn’t written for them. We are targeting new managers and new merchants, and if I can convince some stubborn/arrogant in-house managers at big brands to read it and understand what we are trying to accomplish, the industry will change for the better.

A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management WallThe theme is all about the wall and how the direction of the program will build the wall higher or break it down for long-term success. I give away the keys to how I manage. Do you want to know what my reports look like? Do you want to know how we build the infrastructure of each program? Do you want to know what we tell our clients they need to do to help themselves? If you haven’t read the blog for the last five years, you’ll learn some golden nuggets about how to work with affiliates and how to understand how they promote your products, good and bad. There are so many little pieces gathered together to make this a comprehensive work that has real value.

I shared an advance copy with several competitors and thought leaders in the industry.

“A great, straightforward resource for anyone interested in active affiliate management.” — Carolyn Tang Kmet

“I plan to use Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall as a resource for my affiliate management team at Fanatics.” — Wade Tonkin

The book has been a work in progress by Greg for five years but is now ready for the spotlight with much help from Cindy Ballard, Jen Crego and especially Daniel M. Clark, who handled the editing and production.


I walked in the Atlanta 2-Day this year and it was an incredible experience. 50% of the royalties from Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall will be donated to my breast cancer walk fundraising for 2016. My friends and family helped me raise more than $2,000. This pledge will help next year’s efforts.

A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall
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A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall

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A New Book! Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall

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