ShareASale ThinkTank 2018

ShareASale ThinkTank 2018

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During the first week of April, Christen Evans and I will be in Chicago for ShareASale ThinkTank 2018, meeting with affiliates and talking about our managed programs on the ShareASale network. We are setting up meetings now through the Pathable social network. Attendees should have access. If you want to sit down with us during the 1:1 meetings, now is your chance. Reach out to Christen via Pathable or email her at

If you have not registered yet, there is still time.

Christen will be attending her 4th ThinkTank. We first met in Denver in 2013. This will be my 8th ThinkTank. My first one was San Diego in 2008. I missed Newport Beach in 2009 but luckily, I was able to attend probably the best one ever: Half Moon Bay in 2010. I still wear the gray fleece everyone received the first night.

We always walk away with new contacts, new insight and added vigor toward affiliate marketing. This is my favorite conference and I wish it wasn’t just every other year at this point. I’m also very happy it’s in Chicago again. It’s my favorite town. If you can’t find me in the halls at ThinkTank, there is a good chance you’ll find me at the Billy Goat Tavern for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

ShareASale ThinkTank 2018

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ShareASale ThinkTank 2018

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