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Founded by Al Contarino in 2010, KettlePizza is the culmination of years of hard work designing the perfect pizza grill and grilling appliance. In 2005, he began developing a grill that maintained its heat when the lid was opened. Five years later, he brought KettlePizza to market - a grill that maintained the high heat necessary to turn a grill into a pizza oven throughout the cooking process. Al and his business partner, George Peters, challenged themselves to sources as many components of their invention as possible from American suppliers. The result is a product proudly made in the United States, now shipped all over the world.

The Smokenator was created by Don Thompson, an inventor with a need, a need to smoke a 25-pound turkey in a kettle-style grill. Don needed a method by which to provide the two key elements: humidity and indirect heat. Months of experiments led him to a solution in The Smokenator. The Thompson family expanded the Smokenator concept to fit 18- and 26-inch kettle-style grills, and business hummed. In 2016, Smokenator was acquired by KettlePizza, LLC.

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Affiliates feel great about promoting KettlePizza’s made-in-the-USA products with a 5% commission and 90-day cookie. They feel great about promoting the KettlePizza affiliate program with a $2-per-signup referral bonus, too! The average order in 2016 was $245 and the largest sale of the year was $499. The average commission at our VIP level is $24.50 - contact us today to determine if you qualify for that level. We’re looking for quality content-producing partners. KettlePizza is a ShareASale exclusive merchant.

Smokenator shares a program with KettlePizza, thanks to ShareASale's Stores Connect technology. Affiliates need only join one program to promote products on both websites. One merchant ID number, same program specs. Links and banners are provided for both sites, and affiliates can mix & match which products to promote.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, KettlePizza is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules

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