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Prime Party has been designing and delivering happy, silly party supplies for more than 15 years.

Prime Party serves moms, dads, and friends looking to make their next birthdays and parties a unique, fun-filled and memorable event. They offer unique party themes and really creative party supplies. The latest theme, Bob Ross, is an example of how Prime Party chooses trending ideas and turns them into exciting products for the young and young-at-heart. They're continually looking for the next trending themes to add to the portfolio, so you always have something new for your audience.

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People love Bob Ross. Like, really love Bob Ross. Why not promote Bob Ross-themed party supplies? Prime Party has two distinct Bob Ross party supplies lines, as well as Max & Ruby, Silver Lining Rainbow Unicorn, and more. All the lines sell well, with Silver Lining Rainbow Unicorn in particular doing brisk business. Every season is party season, so savvy affiliates will promote this brand year-round. At 8% and a great 90-day cookie, this program pays out consistently.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, Prime Party is:

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