The Spanish Sandal Co. Affiliate Program

The Spanish Sandal Co. is a family-owned boutique brand of high-quality, women’s summer footwear. Made in Spain these sandals are manufactured using traditional craftsmanship methods from only the finest all-natural materials like napa leather and nubuck suede. Customers love for its affordable selection of traditional Spanish styles offering reliable style, comfort and wearability. 

So loved, the popularity of avarcas sandals has spread from its humble origins in Spain more than a century ago, across Europe and North America. Rivaling the beachy summer flip-flop for popularity but offering more versatility of style and comfort, today, avarcas are among one of the most commonly worn styles of summer shoes, known for their breathable comfort and versatile design. 

Casual yet chic, practical, well-made, stylish and comfortable, The Spanish Sandal Co.’s selection of women’s footwear embody the Spanish way of life. Designed for the busy, quality-driven, budget-conscious woman on the go, all styles retail for less than $100, making an affordable, dependable choice for Europe’s most popular summer footwear style.  

Affiliates Like the The Spanish Sandal Co. Affiliate Program

This new program will be an exciting one to watch as it grows. With an average order of nearly $80, affiliates will love earning about $10 per order. Fashion affiliates will love the versatility of these shoes for Outfit of the Day posts and these make perfect gifts for mother’s day, birthdays and more.

Like all programs managed by Apogee, The Spanish Sandal Co. affiliate program is:

  • set for manual approval of affiliate applications
  • protected by BrandVerity
  • covered by Conversion Lines advanced attribution rules


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