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Located in Chicago's West Loop, Warm Belly Bakery makes whimsical, original cookies and other assorted goodies. Head baker and co-founder - the Chief Cookie Officer - Joe Dela Pena leads a talented team that bakes up the best cookies in the city.

Warm Belly Bakery in Chicago, IL | Warm Belly Bakery Affiliate Program

For those not relaxing in the store, Warm Belly Bakery will have goodies shipped wherever their loyal customers need 'em to go.

Joe has been featured in national media, including Food Network and USA Today.

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Warm Belly Bakery is a young program with a ton of potential. The bakery is wildly popular in Chicago and does brisk online business. As we have more data to share about the affiliate program, as the program matures, we'll update this space. But while we may not have conversion rates to publish yet, 20% on 90 days is a pretty great place to start.

Don't snooze on Warm Belly Bakery. Promoting gourmet, original cookies should be a no-brainer for just about any food-related affiliate.

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