How To Use ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate network that houses a variety of programs. Everything you need is located right in your ShareASale dashboard and this step-by-step tutorial will take you through each tool and how to use it. 

The link to login to ShareASale is:

From the home page, click on Links and then Get A Link/Banner.

Then choose the program from the Merchant Search drop down menu.

This will open up the dashboard for each program. From here you can access your custom tracking link, additional direct tracking links, banners, creatives, coupon codes, and more.

You can toggle between these tools using the menu in the center of the screen.

The first section includes Text Links. These are links created to help you link to specific products easily.

To get the HTML Code for these links, click on Get HTML Code on the right hand side and then copy and paste into the HTML of your content. This will attach your tracking link to the exact phrase of the text link. 

If you only want the direct URL, you can do that as well. Click on Select URL Only and a second box will appear with the URL for the deal.

You can choose to create your own custom link to specific products using the Create Custom Link Tool.

Put the full URL of the page you want to link to into the Custom Link Generator, and hit Create Custom Link. You can choose to add a tracking value that will show up in Google Analytics. 

How To Find A Banner On ShareASale

Banners are visual ads which track the same way as text links. Banners work great in addition to text links and should not be the only form of promotion. Each program has a variety of banner images that you can easily embed into your content or use on social media. 

To embed a banner into content, choose Banners from the menu in the middle of the page to see what is available. This view also gives you the sizes of each banner displayed underneath. If you need a custom size, please just email us and we will get one to you as quickly as possible.  

Once you have decided which image you would like to use, click on the image. Then you have two options: 1. embed the image with your tracking link or; 2. save the image to upload. 

To embed a banner image, copy and paste the coding that appears below the image into the HTML tab of your content. 

To save the image for use in social media and uploads, right-click the image and save to the folder of your choice. 

How To Find A Coupon On ShareASale

The last tip for today includes finding the active coupons available for your ShareASale affiliate programs. These coupons change periodically, so it is good practice to check to make sure coupons are active before sharing. New coupon codes go out every month in the program affiliate newsletter. 

To get the current active coupons, click on Deals/Coupons from the menu in the center of the page. This will open the coupon details including the current deal, date of expiration, coupon code and your tracking link.

Note that in order for you to get credit for the sale you will need to instruct your reader to click on your link and use the coupon code at checkout.