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Town Hall - Spring 2019 | Apogee

The Apogee Town Hall video conference is a quarterly gathering of affiliates to learn more about affiliate marketing and the programs we manage in a group setting. This is our first chat with affiliates since late last year so we started simple with about a dozen participants.

We recorded something similar two years ago and called that Apogee Live. We posted those videos almost monthly but it’s hard to get everyone on camera and actively engaged. The new Apogee Live will be, well LIVE, on Facebook and probably YouTube. Greg Hoffman will interview our clients and other special guests while affiliates can participate in the comments sections.

The members of this Town Hall discussed what happens when merchants migrate to a new network, what should be listed in your profile for applications and a few other topics. Why, for example, does it take so long to be approved to some programs? Watch the video to see the discussions and meet a few friendly faces in the affiliate industry.

Our next Apogee Town Hall will be scheduled in the summer. Participants must be verified members of an Apogee-managed affiliate program. All notifications go through our private Facebook group for affiliates.

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