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Join Keyto | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

We’ve had some great new client announcements this year but the team is excited about this one on a more personal level. Half of Apogee is taking part in the keto lifestyle right now. Our new launch is Keyto, a revolutionary new product with thousands of satisfied customers, and you can join Keyto on ShareASale right now. Keyto is the key to burning fat faster. With the Keyto breathalyzer, … Read More

June 1st is the New January 1st. Start Planning.

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New Year, New You - In JulyAdobe

Worldwide, our January resolutions didn’t go so well this year. It’s time to rethink our goals and start fresh. I propose that June 1, 2020, is the new January 1, which is typically a time to reevaluate health and wellness. I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m a marketer who owns an affiliate management company. My team’s job is to teach … Read More

Ten Things Bloggers Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing – Part One

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With over 20 collective years of blogging experience, Anne Parris and Lynsey Kmetz have put together their list of things they wish they had known about affiliate marketing when they first began blogging. Whether you are just getting started with affiliate marketing on your blog or looking for some strategies for increasing your affiliate income, this list is for you. … Read More


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Our client list represents some of the finest brands and top affiliate programs across our favorite verticals—home improvement, automotive, pets, toys, gifts, and of course, gourmet. Our gourmet food and drink clients are, pardon the pun, our bread and butter. Surf and turf, anyone? Paired with a nice glass of wine? Perhaps some gourmet coffee afterward? Be sure to wear … Read More