Sears PartsDirect Affiliate Program

Sears PartsDirect, a division of Sears Holdings, has millions of parts and accessories from more than 450 manufacturers. Customers will find repair parts in categories ranging from electronic products to lawn and garden equipment. Appliance parts and water filters for major brands are available with guaranteed fit and same-day shipping. Sears PartsDirect departments are located inside many current Sears department … Read More

Water Filter Subscription Bonus Payouts: Sears PartsDirect

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Water Filter Subscription Bonus - Sears PartsDirect

The number one best-selling category for the Sears PartsDirect affiliate program is water filters. When we launched this program, we saw that customers could order a water filter subscription to receive new water filters built for their refrigerators every three to twelve months. We love that affiliates have been promoting this and today we’re introducing another reason to do so. We’re offering a bonus, an extra payout on top of the normal commission.

Sears PartsDirect Datafeed Updates with 114,000 Products

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Sears PartsDirect Datafeed Updated with 114,000 Products

The Sears PartsDirect datafeed, already known for being pretty large, has just been updated with a new file containing 114,000 products. On top of that good news, updates will now be coming daily. Hope you had a great holiday weekend, datafeed affiliates, because we’ve just given you a nice new project to start your week.

Sears PartsDirect: A Massive Datafeed

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Welcome to Part Two of our <mumble>-Part series: Greg Hoffman Consulting Presents a Merchant with a Datafeed Presented by Greg Hoffman Consulting. Give me time, I’ll think of a better title. Today, we’re looking at Sears PartsDirect – the merchant with the largest datafeed of any merchant I think GHC has ever managed. Over 97,000 products, you guys. Ninety-seven… thousand… … Read More

Sears PartsDirect Affiliate Program Management

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The Sears PartsDirect affiliate programs on both Commission Junction and Affiliate Window will now be managed by the Greg Hoffman Consulting team. Our goal is to build a solid content network of affiliates that have passionate followings in multiple niches, including lawn and garden, water filters and appliances. The site has more than 7 million parts available with an easy-to-use … Read More