Get Affiliate Marketing Answers: Question Everything

Get Affiliate Marketing Answers: Question Everything

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You must have patience to be successful in affiliate marketing; you must also ask questions, always. I’m not suggesting you act like a four-year-old and repeatedly ask why why why why without waiting for, or paying attention to, the answers. But you need as much information as possible to make decisions on strategy and direction.

To get Affiliate Marketing Answers, Ask the Right Questions

Ask direct questions! Get answers and follow-up. You might not like the answer, but effort can be rewarded; inaction never is. Asking questions of an affiliate manager builds a relationship. That relationship can lead to higher commissions, bonuses, and a win-win-win situation for the manager, the merchant, and you. When a manager asks you questions, hit reply. We need feedback, too.

We want you to ask us the following questions. Don’t be shy. And don’t limit yourself to just these questions, either. If you think of something else, throw it in. That’s what we’re here for.

  • Who is my affiliate manager?
  • Can we talk on the phone? Or, don’t call me, only email.
  • How many affiliates are active with clicks?
  • How many affiliates are active with sales?
  • Are there other affiliates like me? How many?
  • What is the conversion for a typical affiliate like me?
  • What is the average order?
  • How old is the website?
  • What is your highest payout and how can I get there?
  • Can I have a different tracking gap (cookie)?
  • What is your best selling product? No, seriously, not the one you want to be the best seller, what is you absolute number one best seller?
  • What product do you think would be my best seller?
  • Should I promote a product or the brand?
  • How would you promote this brand/product?
  • What tool or technique has worked for other affiliates?
  • What links work best?
  • I have an idea to help recruit more affiliates to your program, can we talk about a higher two-tier payment?
  • Can I interview someone at the brand about the product?
  • I see your products on Groupon and Amazon, how is this deal better than anywhere else?

We have affiliate marketing answers. You have affiliate marketing questions – if you didn’t before, you do now. They’re right there. Let’s talk.


Get Affiliate Marketing Answers: Question Everything

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Get Affiliate Marketing Answers: Question Everything

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