About Datafeeds, Part 1: Apogee Live

About Datafeeds, Part 1: Apogee Live

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Our conference call this week was about datafeeds: how to get them, manipulate them, and make use of them. The call clocked in at about 45 minutes, and you can view the recording here or on our YouTube channel. If you’d like to participate in our next conference call, March 8th, join our Facebook group!


Next Time

Our next conference call will be March 8th. Gerri Becker from The California Wine Club will be on the call, and affiliates for that program especially won’t want to sit this one out. To join the call, you must be an affiliate in one of our programs and you must be accepted into our private Facebook group for affiliates. We have links to the Facebook group in all of our newsletters, so look for it there1.


A note about the screen sharing in this video. I’m still learning the ropes of using Zoom to host and record video conferences, and using Adobe Premiere to edit and export video. The parts of the conference call where I shared my screen to demonstrate code or software did not translate perfectly in the final video. Sorry about that. If you have any questions about what you’re looking at, if anything isn’t clear to you, please ask and I’m happy to clarify.

  1. Don’t have one of our newsletters at hand? No problem. Just log into ShareASale, and navigate to Account > Manage/Quit Programs, and then pick a program that we manage. You’ll find a link to Past Newsletters on each merchant’s pop-up.
About Datafeeds, Part 1: Apogee Live

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About Datafeeds, Part 1: Apogee Live

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