Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

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Apogee Agency has invested in a new software solution to bridge the gaps between traditional affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and public relations.

Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

“Partner marketing in 2022, under Apogee’s definition, is a hybrid of traditional affiliate marketing, sponsored but trackable influencer campaigns, and a new public relations model. We have blended these three distinct channels and are proving significant growth for our clients,” says Greg Hoffman, Apogee Agency CEO. “This new village approach is fueling growth by creating top-of-funnel brand awareness through mass media publications, blog content, micro-influencers, and last click closers. Through our fair attribution practices, everyone is winning. Adding Mavrck to our toolbox shows our commitment to finding the most relevant partners for our campaigns.”

Mavrck allows affiliates to join sponsored and product campaigns that incorporate their own affiliate links for even more earnings potential. Mavrck securely integrates with the content creators’ properties to give accurate KPIs so the creator is properly compensated for their contribution to the campaign.

Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

Managing Director Lynsey Kmetz continued, “Using Mavrck gives us the ability to further reward our top-performing content creators. We can truly partner with them for relationships that benefit the content creator as well as the brand. Influencers bring tremendous value to the marketing space, and Mavrck helps us demonstrate that value to the brand in a way that is tangible and trackable.”

Going forward, selected Apogee Insiders will receive invitations for campaigns or have the ability to apply to campaigns with Apogee via the Mavrck platform. Those Insiders will need to have an active profile with Mavrck in addition to the affiliate platforms such as ShareASale, AWIN, Refersion, and Impact.

As an added bonus to content creators, having an active profile on Mavrck will allow for other opportunities for brands outside of the Apogee network. “When I was actively blogging, I loved the user experience of Mavrck for organizing paid campaigns, which made the choice to use Mavrck with Apogee campaigns a no-brainer,” says Kmetz. “I really hope more content creators embrace using Mavrck as a new innovative tool for working more closely with brands on sponsored and affiliate campaigns.”

Each campaign will be managed by Apogee on behalf of the agency’s clients.

Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

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Lynsey Kmetz
Lynsey Kmetz is the Managing Director at Apogee and oversees affiliate program management, public relations, influencer, and paid advertising. Her collective work as a content creator and experience in the direct sales industry led her to be the focal point of strategy and operations. She has a strong Type-A personality that fuels her passion for helping people create their own financial success while maintaining balance and spending time on what matters most. View her personal blog at MinimalAndFrugal.com.

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Apogee + Mavrck = A Winning Combination

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